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Introducing our law firm
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Origins of Peace, LLC

Welcome to Origins of Peace, LLC, a full-service Conflict Resolution Boutique. We help our clients find peace in their personal and professional lives using creative expression. 

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Our Coaching & Consulting Services


Peaceful Lifestyle

Coaching program for women who want to put action behind their desire to live with more intention, less stress and elevated confidence. This program is perfect for those who want to achieve more of their life goals and live life with purpose.

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Peaceful Profits

Coaching program for individuals who want to move away from conflict to establish peace in their business operating model. Participants will do the necessary work to be clear, focused and intentional in building their business to be profitable and sustainable. This program is designed to help you develop a business that honors your desire to show up for yourself while serving others.


Peaceful Collaborations

Group Coaching & Training for teams, social groups and organizations that desire to overcome conflict, show up as their best selves and work together better with others. This program provides a safe space for bonding and collaboration. Areas of focus include: emotional, social and occupational wellness.

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Peace At Home

Our products are designed to help you create a peaceful atmosphere at home. We offer a variety of products including herbal teas, planters, journals,

room spray, and candles

You Cannot Find Peace in a Place You Do Not Trust.

-Origins of Peace
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