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As a breast cancer Survivor, I understand how difficult it can be to transition from patient to Survivorship status. The emotional toil and feelings of uncertainty can have you feeling apprehensive about your future. Studies show that an estimated 43% of women experience symptoms of depression once regular treatments have ended.

To address this concern, I created the “I Am Healed and I Am Whole” Breast Cancer Survivor Masterclass.

This class is created for breast cancer survivors who have moved to Survivorship and need additional support along the way. This program provides the necessary support needed to embracing a healthy lifestyle and achieve emotional balance. Throughout the series, participants will:

  • Learn to manage post-treatment emotions 
  • Develop an action plan for ongoing health and well-being, including healthy eating strategies and a personal movement plan
  • Create a support group for accountability and re-enforcement as needed
  • Learn how to effectively mentor others and pay it forward.

Classes are 45 minutes each and are held both virtually and in-person.


I Am Healed and I Am Whole Beyond Breast Cancer Survival

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