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You've Got to Be More Careful


Dear Lord,

Help me to walk in authority this week. Show me how to present myself, my work and my business with integrity. Place me in spaces that value my insight and welcome my input. Give me discernment to act in accordance to your will for my present and future, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Value: Integrity

Exhibit the value of Integrity by being honest, truthful and consistent with your words and actions.

In the News:

Have you heard the news about Netflix and Facebook's alleged secret agreement which allowed Netflix to access private user conversations from Facebook Messenger? If not, read all about it by clicking here. This story is still developing, however, if you're having in-depth conversations in Messenger that you hope to keep confidential, you might want to go ahead and logout!

In my opinion, this action violates every code of ethics and lacks integrity. What do you think Netflix will do with your conversations, if in fact this article is true. Do you think this agreement between the two mega enterprises is acceptable? Leave a comment and let me know you thoughts.

Next Steps to Take: Protect Yourself on Social Media

Avoid clicking unfamiliar links. Be sure to double-check and verify

Don’t share personal information with strangers

Only use public Wi-Fi when it is secure

Use a VPN

Avoid public Charging Stations and USB Ports

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