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Will I See You on the Peloton Leaderboard?

Use this resource to help add structure to your day and maintain a sense of peace when things become overwhelming. Start your day with a heartfelt prayer and then leverage your strengths and values to create a strong personal and professional strategy when life and work become exhausting. 


It’s a new week, Lord and I want to be included. I pray for deeper connections that will lead to new opportunities and continuous growth. I pray that any attitudes or perceptions that are blocking me from reaching new heights are removed. I thank you for surrounding me with people who want to see me win and excel. Cleanse my heart and mind so that I can see you in all that I do. In Jesus name. Amen.

Value: Belonging

The value of belonging is essential in the workplace because it impacts business performance, your personal performance and your overall well-being. You show up best for yourself and others when you feel a sense of security and confidence that you can be your true self. Do you have a sense of belonging in your workplace? If not, are there steps that you can take to improve that?

Self-Care Tip of the Day: Find Your People

Surround yourself with people who build you up and are truly invested in seeing you win. Take an assessment of your relationships to determine who is for you and who is not. 

Daily Professional Goal:

To embrace a true feeling of belonging at work, get involved. Most companies have volunteer opportunities and employee resource groups that you can benefit from. Make time to take advantage of those opportunities and join those groups. This will help to broaden your perspective about the company, and put you in front of a wider variety of people. Being involved helps build that sense of community and belonging.

In the news:

During the Covid-19 shutdown, I became a Peloton Queen. I bought a treadmill, clocked at least 3 miles daily and had a really good time enjoying the on-demand classes while seeing my name creep up the leaderboard. Marcel and Robin were my two favorite instructors and I simply could not get enough of them and Peloton. I bought into the hype and so did many others, all around the world. 

Peloton made millions during this time.

Fast forward to today, I still love my Peloton, but I am currently on the sick and shut down list. An injured Achilles has kept me off of my treadmill for quite some time. Just like my engagement to my Peloton has decreased, so has the sales and production of Peloton bikes and treads. 

The company recently cut 15% of its staff and reported $439 million in losses. You can read more about this story by clicking here.

Since the pandemic has ended, many have returned to in person gym activities. I personally still have an allegiance to my machine, and I look forward to reconnecting as soon as my PT gives me the thumbs up. I guess my loyalty stems from the sense of belonging that I was able to create with my tread when the rest of the world was closed.

Tips for advancement:

Find clarity and understand how you are truly showing up in the workplace

Ask yourself if there are changes that you can make to improve your work relationships and how you show up

If you feel there are bigger issues involved that are keeping you from showing up as your true self, seek the help of a Professional Development Coach or Therapist.

Origins of Peace specializes in helping the exhausted and overwhelmed professional find peace in their daily routine.

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Have a Peaceful Day on Purpose!


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