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What's your Peace Plan?

"And the Peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." If life suddenly handed you a set of circumstances that took away your stability, resources, health or relationships how would you respond? What would you do if everything that you worked so hard to achieve and acquire were suddenly gone? At some point in time we've all experienced the messiness of life. Things can be great one minute and within the blink of an eye your whole world is suddenly turned upside down. Stuff happens! Instead of waiting until crisis occurs, I challenge you to create a Peace Plan. Take inventory of the things in your life that are necessary and need to occur in order for you to maintain a sense of peace and balance. Just as we have insurance for our health, life and material possessions,  it's time to start insuring your Peace. One of the ways that I insure my Peace is to keep my focus on Jesus. In my darkest and loneliest hours, he's always been there for me and in my times up triumph and celebration he's still there cheering me on. One of the most powerful lessons that Jesus has taught me is that I am more than enough, just the way that I am. During early adulthood, I dealt with the common identity crisis known as "low self-esteem." Throughout my life and with a series of teachable moments I've come to understand that "Just as I am, I am More than Enough." No matter my social status, dress size or any other status, I am More than Enough and that gives me Peace. Embracing this truth is another extension of my Peace Plan. My prayer for you today: I pray that God overpowers you with his love and places the biggest smile on your heart and face today. I pray that your focus remains on peace and peaceful activities. My hope is for you to take it easy today and be good to yourself. Do something that you enjoy so that God can restore and rejuvenate you. Above all else I pray that someone today will be a representation of God's love for you. I would love to help you create your Peace Plan. Contact me today to get started. Peace In Action, Melissa

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