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What's Next For Pepsi

Okay, so it's the day after Pepsi pulled the Kendall Jenner ad over major online backlash. What's next and how do they move forward? More importantly, how do they ensure a repeat disaster of this magnitude never happens again. As a Peace Coach specializing in corporate, community and individual peace matters, my advice to Pepsi is for them to immediately hire me as a consultant. Every corporate organizational chart should have a space carved out for a team of Conflict Resolution Consultants who you can bounce ideas off of and receive valuable feedback from. Had Pepsi consulted with me, we could have discussed the sensitivities of the ad and how it would appeal to the broader community. I would have informed them that the image of Kendell Jenner, strolling to the front of the protest line and offering a Pepsi to the Police Officer, who graciously accepted it, without hesitation would be offensive to the "blacklivesmatter" movement because in a majority of the "blm" protests, the police have on riot gear and if you get to close to the protest line you stand a pretty good chance of being sprayed with tear gas or pepper spray. Case in point, Toussaint Romain, a Public Defender from Charlotte NC who peacefully participated in protests had tear gas thrown at him by officers during a peaceful protest rally. I understand the overall message that Pepsi attempted to communicate regarding peace, acceptance, community and understanding. I am all about those concepts but this ad was an epic fail. It was inconsiderate and in all honesty, the "blacklivesmatter" movement hasn't had enough wins for this commercial to even be considered a good idea. Supporters of the "blm" movement are still risking their lives everyday just to be taken seriously. How does Pepsi move forward? First you hire me and then we incorporate the practice of mindfulness into your corporate structure. There's no longer a separation of social and corporate issues. The lines have been blurred for awhile and the only way to be a sustainable company is to change with the times. Although change is inevitable, responsibility is your first priority. What is Mindfulness?

Have you seen the ad, if so, what are your thoughts?

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