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What a Year!?!

Greetings to you all! I pray that things are peaceful in your life. This has been quite a year of new opportunities for me. I’ve learned a lot things and lost a few things along my journey but I have to say I am better for it. Hopefully as you reflect over events in the last 12 months of your life you can say that things are a bit better for you as well. I am so focused and determined to embrace all things that celebrate who I am as an individual and release those things that do not serve a worthy purpose for me. This will be my last blog entry for 2015. For the remaining three weeks of the year, SUGA Wellness Boutique will be closed for the holidays! During this time, I will be celebrating life, loving on my family and thanking God for his favor. I have so much planned in an effort to come back refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated for 2016! I will return on January 4th, which is just in time to fill you in on all the latest and greatest offerings from SUGA. As you know I have a Goal Setting and Vision Illumination project coming up on January 9th. I’ve received an overwhelming response to make the event virtual, so we’re going for it! No matter where you are in this big, beautiful world of ours, you will have the option of attending my workshop. Mark your calendars and be on the lookout for more information! Before I bid you goodbye, I would like to address one final topic for the year:

What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas?For years I dreaded being a single woman during the holidays. On Thanksgiving night when I would hear the classic song “Silent Night” by the Temptations, I would bawl uncontrollably!! Reason being, I knew that I would be spending yet another Christmas without a companion. Fast forward several years, I married, moved into a picturesque house and still felt lonely. My point is that we cannot depend on people or things to fill a void in our life. Individually we all have to find out what feeds our soul and then we have to do those things! Happiness is something that comes from inside each of us and it is a gift that should be shared with others. This will be my first Christmas as a divorced woman and I sang “Silent Night” when I heard it come on the radio this year! I was so excited to hear it. I’ve finally come to realize that the peace and love I searched for, was within me all along. I love you all and I pray that your Christmas is Merry and Bright! Peace and Wellness, SuGa

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