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Tip #31 Do Your Best & Trust in God

Happy Thursday Peaceful Souls! I can't believe we're already at the end of Women's History Month and on our last day of the #loveme2Peace Campaign. I hope you've gained some insight on how to attract more peace in your life through self-care, self-love and self-reflection. The whole point of the #loveme2Peace movement is to help you become more intentional with your thoughts, actions and words to positively influence yourself, your space and those around you. Throughout the duration of our Campaign, I've experienced numerous opportunities to utilize the tips and advice that I've shared with you. I can honestly say that each time I faced a new challenge, I was able to refer back to the list of tips and intentionally chart a path back to peace. Let's recap the list of tips and then I will share today's final tip with you. 30. Don't Take It Personally 29. Be Flexible 28. Do It Anyway 27. Love Always Wins 26. Don't Settle 25. Believe There is a Bigger Purpose 24. Make Plans for your Future 23. Choose Wisely 22. Get Uncomfortable 21. Believe that your Efforts are not in Vain 20. Invest in Yourself 19. Laugh Often 18. Trust the Process 17. Consistently Pray 16. Know When to Be Silent 15. Consider the How 14. Be Honest With Yourself 13. Lend A Helping Hand 12. Re-evaluate Your Circle 11. Let Go of the Extra Baggage 10. Never Stop Learning 9. Stop Procrastinating 8. Live Your Life 7. Share Your Story 6. Set Your Heart Toward Peace 5. Take Time to Relax 4. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help 3. Don't Be Afraid to Dream Big 2. Believe that You Are Qualified

1. Start Each Day with Gratitude

Today's tip: Do Your Best & Trust in God

No matter how good your intentions are, you only have a limited amount of power. Your influence and abilities are limited. You can only love so much, help so much and do so much.

The great thing about all of this is that God only requires a little from us. He never puts more on us than we can bear so what we have, we need to give.

After we've done all that we can do there's this special formula called Grace that God extends to those who love him. Grace to face ever day challenges, Grace to love those who seem unlovable and Grace to help us along our journey.

"If it had not been for the Grace of God, where o where would I Be."

My name is Melissa Rivers and I am a Peace Empowerment Coach. I didn't choose this life, God gifted it to me. Through various challenges, setbacks and bad decisions, God showed me how to Find Peace and Be Well. Today I extend that offer to you. If you are at a point in your life where you're ready to actively pursue peace, allow me to help you.

Email me today at to set up a confidential discovery call. I'll help you create an action plan for peace and begin living life with intention and on purpose.

Thanks for hanging out with me this month. I'll be back next week with a weekly blog post.

Find Peace and Be Well

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