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Tip #23 Choose Wisely

Good Morning! Its day 23 of our #loveme2Peace Campaign. I hope you're enjoying your week and making choices to attract more peace into your life on a daily basis. There were several intentional choices for peace that I made on yesterday. First, I took time out for a pedicure. I bought a new pair of sandals last month that I'm excited about wearing so I made the choice to move in the direction of my desire. Secondly, I replaced my plastic kitchen storage bowls with Pyrex. Let me tell you, the presentation is awesome and my food looks so appetizing in those glass bowls. My decisions to get a pedicure and to replace my plastic with glass are small ways that I intentionally created moments of peace for myself. Things in life will never be absolutely perfect but we can take baby steps to help ourselves along the journey. My tip for today: Choose Wisely Make choices that move you closer to your goals! Find Peace and Be Well

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