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Tip# 17 Consistently Pray

Good Morning Peace Makers! It's day 17 of our #loveme2Peace Campaign. I have to tell you, this journey has been really interesting for me. Yes, I'm here each day offering tips and advice on how to attract more Peace in your life through Self-Love and Self Care but each day as I share these tips with you, I am challenged to intentionally follow my own advice as well. It's funny how we are constantly tested in the things that we teach. I want to circle back for a minute and elaborate on yesterday's tip: Know When to Be Silent. I work up bright and early, ready to share an inspiring post with you but for whatever reason, God wouldn't allow it. For me, yesterday was a day of quietness and observation. I had several meetings to attend, I had lunch with a friend but for the most part, it was a day of silence. My personal peace journey often includes times like this, times when I need to sit still, be quiet and hear from God. It's in those quiet times when I receive direction, guidance and support. If we're constantly busy or voicing our own opinions, we don't leave room for God to speak to us. Let's jump to today's tip: "Take Time to Pray"  How many of you saw the movie War Room, which was produced by The Kendrick Brothers? I've followed their work for years and I love their movies. Yesterday on their Facebook Page, the following post appeared. "Praying releases the problem and the outcome into God's hands. It is the antidote for anxiety. It's the way to effectively hand over the situation to God."-This Means War Take Time to Pray. God is extending his hand to receive your fears and concerns and replace them with his love and limitless blessings. Trust him with your troubles. Find Peace and Be Well

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