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Tip #12 Re-evaluate Your Circle

Happy Saturday! I hope all is well for you. I want to start off by congratulating you for hanging with me this far. I get so excited when I receive your emails about how the information is making a difference in your life! I’m glad to be of service to you and I’m thankful that God has a relevant message for me to share! With that being said, we are 12 days in to our #loveme2Peace campaign. If you can’t tell by now, there are endless ways to incorporate self-love and self-care into your daily routine. All it takes is a little intention. So what are your plans for this weekend? I planned to have a huge garage sale but I’m not quite ready. I still have several closets to clean out so I’ll save that for a later date. For the past several weeks I’ve been enrolled in a Financial Peace class by Dave Ramsey. I’ve taken the class before but the information is awesome and the group that I’m involved with is really great. I haven’t been able to attend the group session in about a month due to other obligations but today I’m looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and generating some interesting conversations. With that being said, today’s tip is: “Re-evaluate Your Circle” How strong is your circle of supporters? Do your friends have your best interests at heart? Do they challenge you to be better? Do they stretch your thinking? Are they there for you during tough times? Do they include you? All of these are great questions to consider when thinking about your friends. True friendships are a way to maintain Peace and balance in our lives. There’s nothing more rewarding than having friends that you can count on and trust to show up when needed and allow you to share in their lives. I will never forget the love that my small group of friends demonstrated as I was recovering from breast cancer surgery. As soon as I hit the recovery room in my dazed and confused state the flowers, cards, visits, texts, calls and chicken noodle soup kept rolling in. It was awesome to witness. So what does your friend circle look like? Take an inventory, determine if it’s working for you and if not, adjust as necessary! Find Peace and Be Well

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