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Tip #11 Let Go of the Extra Baggage

It’s Friday Peace Makers! This week has surely rolled by fast. Once again the weekend is upon us and we are in Day 11 of our #loveme2Peace Campaign. You have a few days to unwind and take it easy. In my area, the weather is going to be nice with above average temperatures. This is the perfect opportunity to get outside, take a walk and just breathe. I plan to have a garage sale. My baby Mansion is officially starting to feel like a one room Condo. My stuff has stuff and it’s a lot to deal with it. Many times in life we begin to accumulate things without keeping an accurate inventory list. I’m not referring to only material things, physical and emotional things come into play as well. Have you found yourself picking up extra weight over the past few years or maybe even picking up the judgments and opinions that others have about you? It’s not uncommon to allow these things to take up space in your life. So here's today’s tip is:

“Let Go of the Extra Baggage.” When you’re packing for a trip it’s always good to pack what you need and a little more just in case of emergency. But when your little more turns into additional carry-ons and totes, you’re going to have trouble lugging all of that around with you. The same is true for our personal lives. If we're carrying around hurt and shame from things that we’ve dealt with in the past, we can’t successful navigate through life. Sometimes you just have to let go and trust that things will be better on the other side of your pain. My challenge to you today is to find 2 items that you haven't used in a very long time. Donate them to a local charity, re-gift them to someone who needs an “It’s Friday” gift or put them on E-bay and make some extra cash. After you done this send me an email ( and let me know how it felt. In your quest to let go, I have the perfect scripture to help support you in releasing those physical and emotional weights. "Turn your burdens over to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will never let the righteous person stumble."  This particular wording comes from the God's Word Translation of the Bible. Find Peace and Be Well!

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