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The Yellow Envelope

“The Yellow Envelope”Psalm 16:11: You will show me the path of life; in Your Presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. My daddy died when I was two. My brother and I would receive a yellow envelope every month from the Social Security Administration.The yellow envelope contained funds to help my mother provide for us each month. More than that, it served as a reminder that my daddy was still taking care of us, long after his death and absence here on earth. Each month, I would run to the mailbox, just to touch that yellow envelope that had my daddy’s name on it! When I reached the age of 18, the envelopes stopped coming. I still remember that sense of sadness I felt, knowing that the monthly meetings at the mailbox with my daddy would cease. Once the envelopes stopped coming, God began molding and shaping me into a young woman with unbelievable faith. I began to call on HIS name and actually wait on a reply. Each time I called and waited, God was pushing me deeper into HIS Presence and cultivating my testimony. See, what I have learned is that God’s provisions are never-ending. There was no way he would allow me to believe HIS blessings would be limited to a yellow envelope. The absence of my daddy allowed me to understand the Presence of God more clearly in my life. Many earthly dads have a favorite cologne which becomes their trademark smell or their touch may be marked by calloused hands from a hard day’s work. My Heavenly Father has an aroma so sweet it fills my entire house and a touch so smooth my spirit tingles with delight. More than a monthly envelope, I have a bible full of my Heavenly Father’s name and his promises addressed personally to me. The magnificent part is that he makes the same accommodations for you. The scripture tells us that HIS pleasures are forever more. My pleasures are unique for me, but yours are unique to you. All you have to do is get in HIS Presence. Once there, a new roadmap of life and HIS fullness of joy will be released to you from HIS right hand. I thank God for my daddy and the lessons learned through the yellow envelope, but more than that, I thank God for never leaving me to myself. Much Love, Mrs. Misenheimer

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