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The Silence

Habakkuk 2:20 But the Lord is in his Holy Temple; let all the earth keep silence before him. In the Old Testament, the Holy Temple was the place where the presence of the Lord dewelled. This temple was considered Holy and represented the place where God's power was manifested. Only the High Priest could go before the Lord. A regular citizen was not allowed in His Presence. I can only imagine the anxious mind that the Israelites possessed. So close to the presence of God but still blocked. Unable to make an intimate connection. Days of waiting for the High Priest to return with news of answered prayers. Long moments of silence, anticipation and waiting. In God's silence we learn patience, reverence, expectancy and praise! The silence motivates us internally to remember the countless blessings that God has already answered many times before and it allows us to wait with great expectancy on His answer to present issues. When meditating on His goodness, we begin thanking Him, before you know it our hands are lifted, our heart is singing and our mouth is praising, "thank you Lord that your people are no longer separated from your Presence, thank you Lord for sending your Holy Spirit to live within us and thank you so much Father for giving us real relationship with you!" In T.D. Jakes Women Thou Art Loosed Bible, one of the first excerpts from the pretty pink pages reads as follows: "God looked out across eternity. He saw you. He saw everything he had created and everything He would create around you. He saw the specific need on this earth that He would make you meet. He saw the full set of traits and abilities that you would need in order to complete His purpose for your life. He knew what kind of environment that would be necessary for you to properly develop the gifts He would give you. God looked...and then He created, He created you. You! And God looked at you and said, "This is good!" (Jakes 2003) Now that's some good stuff, before the silence, the High Priest and the Temple, God looked out into eternity and saw you! Beautiful You! My guess is while that citizen from ancient time was in the midst of waiting on an immediate blessing...God was present in all eternity and enjoying the praise from the generations to come for the rewards of that same blessing! May the Lord bless you and keep you and may he make his beautiful, wonderful face to shine upon you! Subscribe today and receive your copy of The Invitation. Much Love, Mrs. Misenheimer

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