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Solicit Feedback

Positioned For Peace 6. Solicit Feedback

A skilled Peacemaker values and welcomes feedback from others. This simple act of humility builds trust and transparency amongst everyone involved. At this stage in the process, hopefully you realize that your work is not for you. You are simply providing a service to a group that has been marginalized or disenfranchised. This is a very important step in the peace making process and it will greatly affect your final action plan for change. 2 Ways to Solicit Feedback:

  1. Conduct periodic meetings and interviews to gather how those affected are responding to suggested solutions.

  2. Organize a focus group to observe suggested solutions in action. Gather feedback and make changes accordingly. The Benefits of Soliciting Feedback: Soliciting feedback connects those affected by the crisis to the solution. It builds trust and dependency to ensure full effort in achieving the stated goals. "It's one thing to communicate to people because you believe you have something of value to say. It's another to communicate with people because you believe they have value."

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