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Remembering My Daddy

November 29, 1955 - November 26, 1977

How could she have known that she would never see him again?

Hear his words, feel his touch or walk with him hand in hand.

Hours passed as she waited in hopes that he would come

Days later, still no daddy and she felt so all alone

The church was packed and all who had come were full of gloom and despair

Her cute little dress, frilly little socks and yes her daddy was there.

She looked at him and wondered why he was not looking back

She cried out with emotion from that first pew where she sat.

Daddy wake up! Daddy wake up!

But daddy continued to sleep.

She continued to cry and scream with pain and those seated in the church began to weep

As the lamp went dark and the casket was sealed

A new chapter in life God began to reveal

A time of chaos and confusion so surreal but not an illusion

This small little girl alone in a world without her daddy...

(c) all rights reserved-2015

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