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Remember When - LinkedIn Extension

Sunday’s are the perfect day to gain perspective and gather inspiration for the work week ahead. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or if you work for someone else, everybody needs a boost of perspective and inspiration. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate through the noise of social media, the promises of the next best personal development tool and through your own self-limiting thoughts. I like to use my Sunday’s as a day to unwind and replenish on a simplistic level. If I am not attending Church on a Sunday, you will very likely find me in my pajamas all day either reading a book, watching television, hanging out with family or doing absolutely nothing. If you’re a regular follower of my site, you are familiar with my latest blog post, Remember When. In this post I discuss three practices individuals can implement into their everyday routine to live happier. I think it’s safe to say that everyone of us is having a human experience, whether personally or professionally. In this professional extension to the original post I am providing practical tips about how these same practices can be used to increase productivity and engage your employees on a deeper level. First, click the link above to read Remember When. Now that you’re all caught up, let’s analyze the three principals discussed in the post:

  1. living a life of simplicity

  2. being patient with yourself and others

  3. extending compassion as often as possible As an employer, you have an opportunity to elevate your employees experience of work by adding simplicity to your Operations Model. One way to achieve this is to utilize an HR company to handle things like payroll and benefits. By outsourcing your HR duties, you can offer packages to your employees that have greater value to them and their families. There are great companies in your local area that are ready to assist you. Another undervalued practice that should be added to your Ops. Model is patience. Having patience with yourself and others can go a long way in business. Think about it like this, your employees each have different strengths and personalities. Some will be introverts; others will be extroverts and then there’s the employee that exhibits both personality types. What’s an employer to do? First, be patient with yourself and know that you will never construct the perfect work environment, there will always be a new study to show the next trendy thing in Employee Engagement. Then, incorporate elements of both personality styles into your business model. Could social events be accompanied by flexible work schedules and work from home options to satisfy both personalities? Could your introvert and extrovert team up to tackle the next huge assignment and play on the strengths of one another? However, you manifest it, practice patience. Oftentimes employees have no idea what it will take for them to truly be happy at work. The last practice that I want to talk about is compassion. For the purposes of our discussion we will define compassion as being thoughtful and decent with a willingness to help others. A large part of the population entered the workforce out of desperate necessity and in doing so are placed in positions that do not allow them to have creative freedom. Think about it this way. As a human being, we all know that we need resources such as finances and opportunity in order to survive. When your employee shows up to work each day, they already know what is expected of them, but there’s this underlying element of dissatisfaction that might exist and keep them from performing their best work. Take for instance a young woman who is raising her children on her own due to life circumstances. She accepted a position as a Customer Service Agent, not because her dream is to answer the phone all day, but because she needs a means to provide for her children. She needs resources. As an employer, what if you extended compassion to this employee by offering personal and professional development. What if her goal is to move into management but she has no clue how to acquire the skills that she needs? Being a decent and thoughtful employer allows you to show compassion through teaching and mentoring and receive a highly engaged employee who brags about the company that she works for. It’s a WIN -WIN situation. One of the services that I offer at Origins of Peace is contracting with local, Small Businesses to offer Goal Setting and Vision Illumination Workshops to their employees for both personal and professional growth. In this hand on, interactive workshop we create real life Goals, craft Vision Statements, construct a Personal Impact Map, develop Action Plans and design Vision Boards. This workshop is great for Team Building and the perfect way to demonstrate your compassion for your employees. Click the link below to schedule your session or for additional information send email inquiries to Create your Peace! Through curriculum and creativity, we assist individuals with achieving Mental Clarity, practicing Self-Preservation, valuing Personal Development and Prioritizing Service to Others in their personal and professional lives.

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