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Inspired by Genesis 29:17 Hello Peacemakers! Happy Thursday to you. I hope all is well and things are going great for you this week. If you recall, I published my first book in November of 2015 entitled, From God, With Love. This book is a culmination of challenges that I've experienced and overcome. I share it with the world as a tool for healing and deliverance. The book is doing well, sells have exceeded anything that I could have hoped for so I want to say thank you to everyone who has made the purchase. To those of you who have not, I invite you to head on over to and download this awesome tool. It's a quick and relevant read. Right now it is only available as an e-book but be on the look out for the upcoming audio book with the companion study guide. Today I'm going to share one of my featured poems from my book. The poem is entitled Recognize:

Do you not know? Have you not heard?

God is the final word.

His lasting decree spoken over me

A young woman of radiance, love and beauty.

Established by the power released from His right hand

Unlocked potential to achieve more than most can

For my reach is far greater than many have seen

I'm secure in myself with high self-esteem

My worth is far greater than rubies and gems

I'm talented and confident, I'm liberated from within

Community is important, I encourage those in need

To live a better life and my advice I pray they heed

Live up to your potential and never settle for less than best

Show up for every challenge and deliver nothing less

Offer all you have to give and your dreams will be fulfilled

Build your life on God's foundation and your future will be sealed

Accept the blessing of His promise and make an oath to live His way

Grasp the beauty in each moment and always seize the day!

Peace and Wellness,


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