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Purpose Driven Work

We are often blessed with the privilege of helping others during their challenging times. Our communities are filled with neighbors who have fallen due to challenging circumstances. We have the homeless population, domestic abuse victims and veteran affairs just to name a few. What may seem like an act of service to us is actually an opportunity of growth. How awesome would it be if we were more intentional in choosing the areas of service where we work? Could we make a bigger impact or maybe discover a new way to serve the community? Helping others, starts with helping yourself first. If we self-reflect on those painful events from our past, and how we were able to overcome them, we might find out that we are the solution to someone else’s problem. It’s a fact that we all have gifts and talents that are to be used to create peace on earth. Have you unwrapped your gift? Have you discovered your talent? Think about it. In Romans 12:18 the Word says, “If it is possible, As far as it depends on me, live at peace with everyone.” Your gifts and talent make peace possible. Within each of us are existing problems and possible solutions. Share your solution! Peace and Wellness

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