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Premeditated Interruptions

We need more interruptions. We need more people who are willing to take an interest in the welfare of others. When you consider the number of suicides that are happening around the world, interruptions are necessary and needed.  Far too many lives are being cut short from this tragedy. Demitri Allison, a college student at Elon University was found dead outside of a UNC Chapel Hill residence hall. His death has been ruled a suicide. From all accounts his family and friends were worried about his emotional state and well-being. How does a young man with such a promising future end up a suicide statistic? How does someone whom many describe as “talented and loved” end up taking his own life. Demitri’s life is but one instance of a growing crisis. Suicide has affected many people from various walks of life for differing reasons. Thousands have turned to suicide when they feel there is no other alternative. People use suicide as an escape from bullying, heartbreak, financial problems, health issues, loneliness and guilt, just to name a few. Our society is riddled with people who are in crisis. According to, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, surpassing homicide which is ranked at number 16. Studies show that a suicide is completed every 13 minutes in the United States and it is the 2nd leading cause of death for young adults between ages 15-24. So how can you help? You can Question, Persuade and Refer. QPR is a community based training program that teaches those who are in a position to recognize the warning signs, clues and suicidal communications of people in trouble to ACT vigorously to prevent a possible tragedy. This training is available to anyone who wants to be an interruption in the growing problem of suicide. If you are a professional caregiver, police officer, fireman, minister, priest, rabbi, school nurse, coach, youth leader, paramedic, high school counselor, case manager, volunteer or paid staff in any of a hundred different kinds of human service organizations, you will very likely have firsthand contact with suicidal people. EVERYONE Needs to Know QPR! QPR training is offered by the Mental Health Association in your local area at no charge. If you are interested in hosting an event at your church, club or organization, send me an email and I will help you set up a workshop at your facility. ( If you or someone who you know needs immediate help, please call 911 or contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Be the interruption in someone’s life by recognizing the warning signs that someone may be contemplating suicide Peace and Wellness, SuGa

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