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Showing up authentically as yourself WILL ENSURE YOU are taken seriously – EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT IN THE ROOM.

Self-expression is another form of self-care that amplifies your love for yourself, and increases your visibility in rooms that you are in or desire to be in. In all honesty, people respect you a lot more when you are sure of yourself and what you have to offer. Do yourself a favor and figure out what makes your special. Reflect on what makes you unique and then give it a voice, make it visible and leave an impression! Tune in to the video below for more details and then come back tomorrow for another self-care tip. Stay in the know: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: (1) Melissa Rivers – YouTube Sign up for my email list: Origins of Peace, LLC – Continuous Improvement Coach, Personal Development Mentor, Professional Growth Educator! ( Peace, Melissa – Your Creative Peace Coach

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