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"O Desperate Woman"

“O Desperate Woman”   O Desperate woman to become so wise             You gave up eternity because of your eyes. A pleasant sight you thought you had perceived             But foolish you, how easily deceived. The serpent came and sold you his plan             To shame humanity and curse the land A daily walk with God is what you lost             Before that bite did you estimate the cost Your sorrow was multiplied and your husband shall rule             To work the ground became  his daily duel But in the midst of your rebellion God put his plan to work             A Savior set on redemption would be earth’s biggest perk To save mankind from sin and shame was his lifelong mission             To educate a chosen people and bring in the addition Jews and Gentiles all are welcome, God wants us all             To reap the benefits of redemption after mankind’s fall Grace and Mercy cover God’s people from head to toe             Jesus is the only saving Grace and soon all the world will know Original poem by Melissa A. Rivers-Misenheimer April 25, 2011

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