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Mama Caldwell

Lessons from my Great Great Grandmother: Not many children get to experience their Great Great Grandmother. I was fortunate that God allowed me to do so.  Growing up, I didn’t spend my afterschool free time playing with the other kids in the neighborhood and my summers weren’t filled with any camps.  I spent my time caring for my “Mama Caldwell.”  Mama Caldwell was paralyzed from the waist down and depended on others to care for her. She expected to get up, get dressed and be in her chair bright and early each morning. I learned many lessons from her, the first being that we teach people how to treat us. Mama Caldwell expected to be cared for and treated with respect, and respect is what she got, not only from her family but from friends near and far.  The second lesson is that we need to surround ourselves with a good support system. It is important to have good people in your life that are truly concerned about your well-being, sincere people that we feel safe in sharing our insecurities with. Another lesson that I learned was to get up and face each day with grace! No matter the hand that you are dealt, roll with it. Do the best with what you have and God will take care of the rest. Key points: In our weakness God Makes us Strong! Happy Mother’ Day to all the women in my life and all the women in their life and all women everywhere! Much Love, Mrs. Misenheimer

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