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Loyalty is Royalty!

Loyalty is such a huge part of building trust in relationships. Use the information shared below to find ways to enhance loyalty in your personal and professional life.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for overflowing blessings. You’ve gifted me with much to be grateful for and I am extremely thankful for it all. As we enter a new week, show me how to be loyal with all that you’ve given me and to expand on it. Give me strategies to grow and the momentum to make an impact in places where I am needed. Place me in rooms that value my perspective and skillset. In Jesus Name. Amen. 

Value: Loyalty

Embrace the value of Loyalty to build trust in your relationships. Embracing loyalty means you’re committed to the wellbeing and positive progression of building and advancing, no matter what it requires. 

Self-Care Tip of the Day:  

Manage stress to reduce inflammation in your body.

Deep tissue massages are great for breaking up inflammation in the body which can lead to chronic pain and  health issues.  Additionally, taking intentional steps to manage stress can be very beneficial. Take a walk in nature, create a peaceful outdoor space and take time to slow down, breathe and journal your thoughts.

Daily Professional Goal: 

Seek to understand the current, most prevalent needs of your business or organization and show your loyalty to progress the agenda by being open to change, creative with generating solutions and innovative to think outside of the box and drive results. 

In the news:

Have you filed your taxes yet? Honestly, I have not. With a myriad of recent challenges, I have not had the bandwidth to take care of this very important and necessary task. Today I took the initiative to ease some of my stress and I filed for an extension. As I was researching topics for this week’s In the News topics, I saw an article about Krispy Kreme helping to ease the overwhelm of Tax Day by giving customers a deep discount on a box of Original Glazed Doughnuts. Click here to find out how to receive your discount.

Tips for advancement:

Set yourself up for personal and professional success this week by managing your time wisely and reducing overwhelm by delegating activities when needed. This will help you operate in your area of expertise.

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