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Let's Socialize!

I'm in my Rejuvenate Season at Origins of Peace! To celebrate we are taking time to relax, relate, release and eat!

Social Wellness is my top priority right now. I've created an event entitled Socialize to help you become a better friend while giving yourself the love and care that you need to thrive.

Details for the event and a link to purchase tickets are below.

Don't Miss this!

As an added bonus for my email subscribers only, everyone who purchases a ticket will be entered for a chance to win a ticket to Jade Novah's Moon Pisces Tour happening on September 9th in Charlotte, NC. You can listen to some of her music here.


Your tribe should contain all the essential elements similar to a good, nutritious, well-thought-out Charcuterie Board!

You need a little sweet, a little spicy, a whole lotta savory and quite a bit of substance!

So that’s what we’re doing! We’re creating Vegan Charcuterie Boards while discussing the methods for building and maintaining friendships.

I know you might be skeptical about joining a group of strangers to chop it up (the veggies & the convo). My solution for that is to provide a safe space for you to share and learn.

I also promise to take care of all my Introvert friends. Truth be told, I’m an Introvert too. The activities that I have planned for you are crafted with you in mind. I promise to make it an enjoyable experience.

Right now, I’m preparing the guest list. If you want in, DM me and I’ll send you the next steps to secure your spot.

This event is happening in the Charlotte NC Metro area, or you can provide the location and I will travel to you! Group Sessions are welcomed and encouraged!

The tentative date for this event is September 10th in the Charlotte, Metro area.

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