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Let's Get Curious!

Hi Peacemakers, I'm back and excited about 2018! I've been away for a while but I want you all to know that I am extremely humbled that you missed my online presence. (That's exciting). I've missed you too so let's jump in and talk about Peace. My first topic for the year is curiosity and how it can be beneficial to your mental health and help to activate peace in your life. Curiosity is a natural and instinctual behavior that allows you to explore new ideas and adjust your frame of reference. It increases and broadens your will to learn. So what are you curious about? Is there some activity or event that you've been longing to try or attend. Maybe you've been thinking of taking new courses or trying a new career path. Whatever the case may be for you, now is the time to go for it. I strongly believe that life is for the living. Once we give up on our dreams and passions, we become useless. Don't allow your dreams to die prematurely. Get curious! Curiosity is good. Let's make this year a great one by trying new things, expanding our thoughts and going to places that we've only dreamed of. My Peace Prayer for you: May you find the courage to pursue your dreams. May you never give up on stretching yourself and growing to new heights. May you be brave and confident enough to realize that the world is your playground. May you live each day with curiosity in your eyes. Peace.

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