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If I Got in the Room, then I Belong in that Room.


Dear Lord,

I have so much to celebrate today. Thank you for the sunshine and the rain, the pleasure and the pain. Thank you for allowing me to see the significance of both. As I venture off into new territory today, I can’t help but feel inspired and on task. I believe that you’ve ordained my steps and if I can just keep going, more rewards await. I thank you for it all, in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Value: Achievement

Embodying the value of Achievement is more important than material or financial reward. If you gain satisfaction from completing a tasks, that can signal that you highly value achievement. Achievement-motivated people constantly seek improvements and ways of doing things better

Self Care Tip of the Day: Celebrate Yourself!

Very rarely do people take time to celebrate their achievements. Let today serve as the starting point of your self-celebrations. There are so many ways to celebrate you. Here’s a short list to get you started: go out to dinner, have a glass of champagne, take a day off and relax.

Daily Professional Goal:

Today’s professional goal is to simply keep going. When things seem confusing and hard to understand, keep the main thing, the main thing and keep working toward your goals. 

LaFern Kitt Batie, of The Batie Group was quoted as saying, "stay close to the mission and date your deliverables.” 

Those words have resonated with me ever since I heard her speak them during The Capp Institute’s Coach Intensive Training last year.

In the news:

Today I am celebrating a few major achievements. Nine years ago, today is when I convinced the technicians to allow me to get a mammogram, two months before my 40th birthday. This started my fight against cancer.

Secondly, I reviewed edits from my soon to be released book, "From God with Love!" I am absolutely ecstatic about this. 

I am soliciting help to create a big, audacious book launch.

Click here to volunteer your time to the book launch planning team.

Tips for advancement:

Repeat this phrase to yourself, as often as needed: 

“If I got in the room then I belong in that room. I am there, aren’t I?” -Shonda Rhimes

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