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"I Gotta Get to a Place of Peace for Me"


Today, I have the utmost faith that things are working for my good. No matter what it may look like or feel like, I am anchored in the reassurance that it is well with me. 

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Value: Faith

Faith is important because it provides structure to who you are, your existence, and your hopes and dreams. It allows you to brace for life’s storms and to understand that life is full of uncertainty and not every situation will result in a positive outcome in your favor. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Self-Care Tip of the Day: Speak this Affirmation Aloud

“I live an exceptional life without regret. I am focused, disciplined and persistent. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am achieving even more success now. Today will be a great day. 

Daily Professional Goal:

Decide what freedom in your career should look like and determine the actions you need to take, in order to achieve your desires.

In the news:

In the March issue of Better Homes & Gardens, Tabitha Brown talks about her freedom walk. She states that her freedom walk started because she was sick and desperate to feel better. She suffered from inflammation, a chronic headache for a year and seven months, and back pain spasms throughout her body. Tabitha states that she decided to try one last time to really connect with herself and with God to get to a place of peace.

This article about Tabitha Brown and her freedom walk resonated with me so much. I am currently on a journey finding my course to freedom. I’ve taken great steps forward in the right direction and I’ve also experienced some true wilderness moments. I recently heard on a podcast that strong women don’t often take time to understand what causes their pain, they simply apply a bandage and keep moving. This is so true. As I reflect this morning on my need to enforce boundaries, maintain peaceful spaces and take time each day to check-in with myself, it is so apparent that I still have much to learn and do in this area. Click here to read the full article about Tabitha and be sure to advocate for yourself today.

Tips for advancement:

I have a private Facebook Group called “The Virtual TEA Lounge.” Monday-Thursday we start with a different theme to help set the tone for your life and work. 

This is a special invitation for you to join. 

We are currently a group of 39 ladies, who’ve made the conscious decision to add peace to our daily life.

 Click here to request to join.

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