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How To Manage Annoying Co-workers

I recently came across an article entitled; 7 Types of Coworkers We All Have That Are Annoying AF*. Full disclosure...this would not be my first choice as a title for this article but I understand the author's need to remain relevant to the younger generation. With that being said; the information within this article made me think about my days in Corporate America and how I dealt with so many varying personalities. I'll be the first to tell you that I am an introvert so my time, energy and input are valuable. Once I shut down and tune out....I'm out! As described in the article, there's the over-sharer, the rude-as-hell coworker, the control freak, the deadweight, the gossiper, the complainer and the competitive one. Your coworkers may be a little different from those described here, but we can all empathize when dealing with over-bearing personalities. If relationships with coworkers aren't properly managed, we could end misinterpreting our frustration as disliking our place of employment or hating our job. Today I'll share with you three quick and simple tips to implement when dealing with challenging co-workers.

  1. Establish guidelines and limitations.

  2. Set limits on what you share and with whom.

  3. Find at least one thing that you have in common and stick with that topic. You can check out the article written by Samantha Callender at the following link: Be sure to follow my blog and meet me back here later this week for a short video where I will dive into each tip and explain how you can implement my suggestions into your personal action plan. Peace In Action, Melissa

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