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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Me!!

Today officially marks my business anniversary. I've been in business for myself for 1 year today! I can honestly say that it has been an adventurous and humbling experience. I am excited about the things that I've been able to accomplish but I am well aware that I have much more work to do. I still have a LONG way to go in creating a steady flow of business and clients but it is very rewarding to know that I am building a legacy from the ground up that will hopefully one day provide a necessary and undeniable service to others. CHEERS! 

One the other side of every blessing is a challenge. There have been many aspects of owning a business that have been tough. Sometimes things haven't always panned out as I had hoped and personal challenges have led to lengthy distractions. Today I am sharing with you one of the biggest lessons that I've learned thus far. "As an entrepreneur, if you don't show up for your self, no one else will show up either."    ~Melissa Rivers I am what you call a soloprenuer. I open and close the store, I am maintenance and janitorial, accountant and timekeeper, product developer and facilitator as well as; visionary and laborer. For the past year, I've handled all of these positions on my own. Although I feel capable and empowered to do them all, I believe that I've been hindered in some ways by taking on so many responsibilities. You can't possibly be as creative and engaging while you're tending to all the organizational needs. Do yourself a favor by creating a system of processes and sticking to them. Do all the normal things like be organized, work diligently and take a lunch break. While you're doing those normal things incorporate some of the more tedious tasks such as creating a solid business plan, a marketing plan and an evolving financial plan. Business and personal finances should never mix and if you work from a home office make sure you WORK from it. Don't take your laptop to your bedroom or to the kitchen table. Utilize that office space! Since it's my anniversary, I'm feeling really generous. Let me share one more tip of advice to my fellow business owners or those up and coming. This small piece of advice can make or break your company. You must NETWORK! Get out and socialize amongst others who are doing the things that you do and those who share your same or similar interest. Don't be afraid to join professional clubs, meetup groups or community organizations. Networking is necessary for mental and creative stimulation. Also, it is very important to hire a coach. You need a business coach and a financial coach. You cannot be the mastermind and the shopper all at the same time. It just won't work. Lastly, I want to share with you our new, official logo! I am so excited to have worked with Ryan Johnson of PMD Designs on this masterpiece! It incorporates solutions, unity, connectedness, diversity and compromise. Shoot me an email and let me know what you think about it.

I thank you all for trusting me in your inbox each week. I appreciate the comments, feedback and always on time encouragement. I am hopeful that things will only get better from here. Peace In Action, Melissa

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