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Growth Potential

All the women in me are tired. ~nayyirah waheed

Joy Ofodu is quoted in the article as saying, “To me, the rise of Black women entrepreneurs means we’re starting to believe in ourselves more, that we’re finally recognizing how limitless we are.” 

I totally agree with Ofodu. Traumatic workplace experiences are leaving black women longing for a different work reality. In many cases, we love our job, and have become extended family with our team members, but the overall culture can leave many of us, me included, with a sour taste in our mouths. 

When I left my last corporate position in late 2023, I was completely wiped out. I was striving but not making any traction. The requirements of my position were frequently changing and I felt disconnected from the work. I felt like I did not have room to think, show up authentically and use my strengths and values to deliver good results. I was an exhausted mess! Luckily for me, I had been building my company, Origins of Peace, LLC and my brand, Peace by Design for the past several years.

I’ve been through cohort after cohort that focuses on creating your mission statement, creating goals and objectives, and developing a business plan. I’ve completed the necessary requirements for a start-up company too many times, and I have no capacity to do it again!

Many of the current offerings of cohorts offer the same thing, and they want you to stay a novice and sign up for their program. From what I’ve experienced in some cases people get offended when you want more or when you decline to accept their offer for the basics. 

Let’s move past the basics, WE ARE PROFESSIONALS!

The current business model of my company has been in operation since February 2019. Yes, I recently celebrated five years as a Conflict Resolution Coach with Origins of Peace. If you are tired of signing up for the basics, it’s time to live, love, learn & work with peace. Origins of Peace, LLC can help you do that. 

I have a coaching program called Peaceful Profits where you and I take an in-depth look at your business model and figure out how to accelerate your growth potential and run a viable, profitable and sustainable business that you can be proud of. 

My company motto is, “you cannot find peace in a place that you do not trust.” Allow me to help you work through your current conflict to find peace on the other side. I would love to set up a discovery call so we can talk through your current needs. My calendar link is below, you choose the date, and I will take it from there.

Peace by Design,


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