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Greater Than What I See....

Tribulation is a term that can mean trouble or affliction of any kind. I don’t know about you, but my excitement level around experiencing tribulation is pretty much non-existent. There is absolutely nothing fun about is often painful, isolating and just plan hard. I am learning to use my feelings about different tribulations that I experience, as a sign of self-awareness. I've begun asking myself, what type of support do I need in order to get through the situation? While I am very aware that those feelings of pain and isolation are most likely temporary, it sure feels like an eternity when you are experiencing them. I thank God for Romans 8:24, because within it I am made aware of the hope for something greater..... Greater than the hurt Greater than the isolation Greater than the disappointment Greater than........ More often than not, tribulation is not directly about you, but it is definitely for you. Acknowledging your feelings about an experience creates a truthful space that allows you to see more deeply into your own needs and perceptions. Yes, tribulation can create an awareness of what you need in order to make it through, but it can also make you aware of your hidden judgement toward others. #somethingtoconsider Tribulation produces Patience Patience produces Experience Experience produces Hope This week I challenge you to use the knowledge that you gained about yourself when you were experiencing a trying time, AND THEN extend those lessons learned to others who are experiencing tribulation as well. #originsofpeace

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