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Faith Fuels the Vision

I am definitely one of those people who require more than a board to document my vision. Years ago, I began creating various tools to document the vision that I could clearly see for myself. Over the years my vision has progressed from a vision board to a vision tracker, a vision portfolio and most recently a vision station. I've learned that visions are the springboard of all that awaits if we have enough discernment to nurture the vision and do the uncomfortable things to see it progress. Have you documented your vision for 2024? If not, there's still time to set your intentions for the new year. Now is the prime time to declare what you want for each area of your life going forward and the good news is that you can be as basic, or as detailed as you would like, it is totally up to you. I tend to lean toward the detailed side simply because every aspect of my life is important to me. The work that I do, all the way down to the social activities that I indulge in, it all has meaning. With Christmas and New Years fast approaching, schedule some downtime to pause, reflect and create your vision. If you're in the Charlotte Metro area, the perfect opportunity to create your vision is happening today. Join The International Center for Wellness and Inspire of the Carolina's Inc. for a Prayer Board Workshop. You are invited to participate in this safe space of healing and creativity! You can bring your board or use the supplied materials. This event is in partnership with Central United Methodist Church Concord, and it takes place on Sunday, December 17th at 3pm sharp. Please enter at 75 Church Street Concord NC. Do not go to the Union Street entrance please. I'm making plans to be there, so I hope you will join the fun too. If you come, be sure to say hi! Peace & Blessings, Melissa

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