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Exodus 23

How Great Is Our God! This week, we will focus on Exodus 23 Exodus 23 outlines the importance of operating in truth toward all mankind and especially ourself. When we break down the barriers of lies, deceit and untruthfulness we get a clear reflection of who we are in God thru Christ Jesus. When we get free from the baggage and the labels that life will throw on us, we are pushed into God's presence and are able to worship him in truth! In Exodus 23, God promises us the personal assignment of an angel (v. 20), he promises to be an enemy to our enemies (v. 22), he promises to bless our food and water (v.25), he promises to take sickness from us (v.25) and he promises to give us long life (v. 26). The bible tells us that angels are God's personal messengers and he sends them out to declare his word and fight on our behalf. What a comfort it is to know that we have a personal angel preparing our way, all we have to do is walk in God's truth. You may ask, " what is God's truth?" God's truth is that we are all his Children and he knows each of us by name. He is not far from us, but always near, always answering our call and saving us from trouble. God's love is unfailing! My prayer for you Most Holy God, your people are struggling to hear your voice. In the midst of all the confusion that the world can hold, we need you now more than ever. Father God, I pray that you heal families and break the yoke of sin on this world. I pray that your children will walk in truth and cast down lies and deceit. I pray that they will realize your blessings. You have promised to send your personal angel, to make our enemies your enemies, to bless our food and water, to give us an inheritance, to heal sickness and to give us long life. We activate these promises by faith. We trust you at your word and believe that all things are possible in you. We love you and celebrate this week of Passover with full expectancy. In Jesus name we pray. Amen! Be blessed and have a wonderful week!

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