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Effective Listening is Key

Good Morning Justice Seekers! Thank you all for your patience while we reconstructed our brand. Our name has officially changed to My Action Plan For Peace, LLC. With our name and brand change our goal is to provide you with more diverse topics and tips on how to properly manage conflict and create more opportunities for peace in your life. Our new website is still under construction but you can find our latest products and offerings at: With the recent events in the news, I felt it necessary to get the blog up and running ASAP! I want to dedicate our first blog post under our new name to all the victims whom have lost their lives to gun violence over the past week in our country and to their families. I can personally say that I've grieved for each lost life and for my country as a whole. As a woman who lost her father to gun violence at a very young age, I'm especially empathic to all the children whom have lost their fathers to these senseless acts of hate. I understand the hurt and challenges that they will face growing up and I pray that somehow and some way they will find peace and favor to help them along life's journey. Now it's time to get down to business and to make an impact. I've prayed desperately over the past few days to get an understanding of how I can best offer my services to help during these trying times. I'll be on the lookout for opportunities in the community to get involved with, but in the meantime, my company will continue offering tips and advice here on our website to provide you with communication and coping skills. Effective Listening During any type of verbal exchange, one of the key factors to proper communication is effective listening. Listening is the act of following the thoughts and feelings of another and understanding what is being said and meant from that person's frame of reference or point of view. Effective listening is completely hearing the other party out, not interjecting too soon or too often to get a full understanding of what is being said and staying engaged while the other person is speaking. Are you vaguely listening or are you effectively listening? You can use the technique of paraphrasing what is being said and repeating it back to the speaker to make sure that you are listening effectively. Peace In Action, Melissa

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