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Draw A Circle Around The Things You Love

What do you love and how do you keep it sacred?

Anyone or anything that is near and dear to my heart has a specific prayer strategy attached to it.

This is important to me now more than ever because the world is different, people are different and the expectations that are placed upon us can be quite daunting.

It can be A lot!

No matter how challenging times may seem, if I hold something sacred to my heart, I tend to protect it...sometimes more than I should.

                                                                           I can be guilty of protecting relationships that I have no business entertaining.

With this being the case, I place everything that is near to me in a prayer circle. I identify it as something special and then I create specific prayers around it.

My prayers include guidance to know if I should protect it, nurture it or eliminate it.

It is extremely important to classify accordingly. My circle includes family, friends, acquaintances, career & business and anything else that is significant to me.

I am definitely not a "good vibe" only type of person. I believe in genuine interactions and meaningful connections, however; when I'm done, I am done for real.

                           BUT TRULEY, I tell you, if anything that is within my circle allows outside influences to deteriorate what we have, a realignment is in order.

                As we prepare for Love & Culture Month (February), let's get clear about what is important. If it is important to you, you should be important as well.

                                                                                                   What's in your circle and do you have a prayer strategy for it?

On February 1st I will begin re-reading the book Draw the Circle The 40 Day Prayer Challenge.

Want to join me?  

We can check in with one another every 8 days or so to see how things are going and to discuss the revelations that are being shown to us.

Will you join me? Grab your copy here.

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