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Despite it All

Determine in your mind to rise above the adversity that is weighing you down.

You are chosen, you are royal, you are unique, and you are fully capable of overcoming your challenges.

Let this week serve as a springboard to help you focus on forward progression and intentional movement.

So, what if others try you, so what if they do not believe in you, so what if their story is contradictory to the truth.

Despite it All, you can prevail if you focus your mind on winning.

Focus on whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, and if there are any excellent or praiseworthy things, think about those things.

Tune out the noise, the confusion and the self-righteousness.

If you're ready to begin living a life of intentional peace, Origins of Peace, LLC is here to support your personal coaching needs.

Are you dealing with stress & anxiety, indecisiveness and low energy? Are you having a challenging time finding peaceful moments in your day?

If any of these setbacks are familiar to you, click the link below to schedule a Discovery Call with me.

Have a fabulous week on purpose.


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