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"You can't make someone choose you even when they might love you.

" Some of the greatest pain that we'll ever have to deal will come from the hurt that is associated with a dysfunctional relationship. Heartbreak doesn't play favorites and it can come from many different sources. Friends, Family, Co-workers or even people that we admire all leave us vulnerable to pain. So what do you do when a seemingly ideal partnership begins to feel forced, stale and dishonoring to who you are. Do you stick with it? Do you try to resolve the issues head on or do you simply stay in the relationship because it is predictable? I recently read an online article in Nia Magazine entitled; Choose Her Everyday or Leave Her Alone. The first line of this beautifully written piece provided the following insight, "I spent 5 years hurting a good woman by staying with her but never fully choosing her. Take a moment to evaluate the relationships in your life. Are you being chosen on a daily basis. Are your thoughts, dreams and aspirations being respected? Does your partner value your quirks, strengths and imagination? Are you free to be yourself in your relationship or do you find yourself conforming to keep the peace.

Are you being chosen? How does love currently show up in your life? As individuals we have the right of deciding how we are loved. We have choices.

Do you know your rights? Do you know there is a Personal Bill of Rights that outlines the basic principles for how we can expect to be treated by others? One of my favorite declarations in this document states, "I have the right to change my mind." If you find that there are "habitual line-steppers" in your life that are causing you grief, disrupting your peace or those who do not compliment the divine purpose that God has instilled in you, it is okay to change your mind. As Valentine's Day approaches give yourself the gift of choice. Be sure to celebrate who your are and make sure that others are celebrating you too! After you've finished reading today's blog, I invite you check out the podcast. Today I interview my friend and colleague Chantel. Listen in as Chantel tells us all about: The Trouble With Being a People Pleaser Find Peace and Be Well!

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