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Blessings in Disguise

Recently I enjoyed a spontaneous weekend getaway to the beach. I was way overdue for a vacation but only had time for a quick trip. The beach was calling my name. I was thoroughly looking forward to checking into my oceanfront room, pulling back the curtain and taking in the marvelous view of the ocean. Much to my surprise when I pulled back the curtain there was a HUGE, but beautiful palm tree directly blocking my view. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy about it. At first, I was really troubled that I had taken the time to meticulously plan this SPONTANEOUS trip and ended up with a blocked view. After all it had been three long years since my last summertime getaway. When I wasn't out on the beach, I spent the time in my room resting and reflecting on recent life events. The more I reflected, the more I began to study the palm tree. I studied the trunk , the branches, and the magnificent color. The beauty of this tree made me think about unexplained blessings and beautiful coincidences. I thought about the surprises that life has thrown my way and how I’ve been able to not only survive, but thrive! Embracing unexpected challenges has a way of making a person strong, better and wiser. The only thing standing between me and a perfect view of the ocean was this beautiful tree, standing tall and wide with outstretched branches. The branches of the tree reminded me of the possibility and opportunity that are mine to create. Although I had become comfortable with the familiarity and steadiness of the ocean view, I now have a newfound respect for the palm tree. I know you’re probably saying, why didn’t she just change rooms. I did have that option but I believe the presence of the palm tree gave me the courage to level up and think bigger by appreciating what I already know and anticipating that which lies ahead. Three things that I learned from the presence of the palm tree:

  1. A different perspective is good.

  2. Some obstacles are blessings in disguise.

  3. Never take for granted that the familiar will always be available to you. Peace In Action, Melissa

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