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Affirm to Love Yourself

Hey PeaceMakers! I hope all is well for each of you and I pray that life is being kind to you. Recently I held an Affirmation Challenge on Instagram.  I shared affirmations with the hope of  helping to build self-esteem and combat self-sabotage. You can click here to view the affirmations that I shared. Feel free to incorporate them into your daily self-care routine. If we aren't already connected on social media, I invite you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. My handle is Originsofpeace on both. I want to take a look at each affirmation, starting with day 1 and understand how each should be used. Affirmation #1 - "I am creating self-love by reciting positive words, thinking loving thoughts and setting standards that protect my mind, body and spirit." Caring for yourself involves performing actions that protect your well being. Your thoughts, actions, ideas and self-talk are all part of self-care. This week, I encourage you to think big, bold and confidently when it comes to practicing self care. Do your thoughts need to be re-aligned, is there someone or something that deserves a NO, or do you simply need to appreciate yourself more. I like the thought of self-care through self-appreciation. What three things can you celebrate about yourself? What are you good at? What have you accomplished? What are you working on? Have you been a positive influence to someone lately? Whatever it is, appreciate all that you've accomplished or all that you have in the works! These are the first steps to cultivating self-love. As a monthly practice of gratitude, I am gifting subscribers on my email list with a full size package of my custom herbal tea blend and a mug. To ensure that you are included, go to my website:  When the subscribe form pops up, enter your name and email address. The drawing is being held today, September 2 and the winner will be notified via email. September Focus and Mug Giveaway Lastly, start thinking about how you want to finish out the year. Did you make goals earlier in the year that you have yet to fulfill? Is it time to revamp your wellness goals? I am a firm believer that wellness of mind, body and spirit is the necessary foundation for achieving your goals. My ebook, Design Your Happy Track to Peace is available on my website for a 20% discount. Use code LABORDAY at checkout. "you have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you." ~Dodinsky Until we speak again, have an excellent day and make peace your top priority! ~Melissa

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