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A Father's Love

A Father’s Love, Inspired by: John 11:4 When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.”

A Father’s Love

How could she have known that she would never see him again?

Hear his words, feel his touch or walk with him hand in hand.

Hours passed as she waited in hopes that he would come

Days later, still no daddy and she felt so all alone

The church was packed and all who came were full of gloom and despair

Her cute little dress, frilly little socks and yes her daddy was there.

She looked at him and wondered why he was not looking back

She cried out with emotion from that first pew where she sat.

Daddy wake-up! Daddy wake-up!

But daddy continued to sleep.

 She continued to cry and scream with pain and those seated in the church began to weep

As the lamp went dark and the casket was sealed

A new chapter in life God began to reveal

A time of chaos and confusion so surreal but not an illusion

This small little girl alone in a world without her daddy! Heart full of Love-Heart full of ache: Long walks she began to take. Promises made and Promises broken:  Strength and resilience would be her token.

Heart full of sorrow but continuous prayer: On her knees she fell into the arms of her Father and on that very day

 The Holy Spirit met her and gently led the way.

Her first step was denial as she waited by the window, days passed and she asked when is daddy coming home?

As her mama bravely told her daddy is gone away, she went back to the window and waited to see his face.

Her second step was anger, for a girl so young this was danger. As she grew only a few relationships she knew.

Men would come and men would go but real love she would never know because her heart still felt the anger that she knew from age 2.

Step three involved bargaining when she aged enough to realize; living wasn’t easy and her worth was belittled in society’s eyes.

Maybe God would take her too, if only he knew all the pain she had endured through the years as she matured.

Depression was her next step and it lasted a good while, bad decisions, college dropout and single mother filled her file.

Her final step was acceptance as she began to change her mind, yes daddy died but Jesus lives and His spirit does remind

 His love will never fail and His grace removed the veil

Jesus lives and she does too

And her life is so brand new!

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