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$20 Billion Climate Agenda, Make My Energy Clean & My Resources Renewable!


Today I am most grateful for community. Thank you, Lord, for placing me in the minds of people who have my best interest at heart and will pray for me and my family when prompted. I’m thankful for the prayer warriors that you have positioned in my life to help me advance and move forward when things feel stagnate and stuck. Thank you for forward motion and uncommon favor. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Self-Care Tip of the Day: 

Don’t be hard on yourself when you’re having a bad day. It might sound silly but apologizing to yourself when you are too hard and too critical is the perfect way to reset the course of your day. If you’re having trouble forgiving yourself for some of your past discrepancies, write down what you would say to yourself, then go to a mirror and read it out loud.


Community - the value of community promotes health and wellbeing. Our minds are relational and affected by the quality of our social connections. Community is built through acts of intentionality, vulnerability, and creativity. Community is linked to social trust, positive belief in humanity and a belief that most people are fair, helpful and trustworthy.

Daily Professional Goal:

Today I will make at least one new business connection.

In the news: 

As part of President Biden’s historic climate agenda, VP Kamala Harris and EPA Administrator Michael Regan announced $20 billion in awards to expand access to clean energy, climate solutions and lower energy costs for communities across the nation.  

Are you a small consulting company interested in doing work that is meaningful? Do you have the skillset to help push this climate agenda forward? If so, clean energy might be the solution that you are looking for. According to reports work is needed in low-income communities and communities of color to reduce pollution and create new jobs. Find out more by clicking here.

Tips for advancement:

When was the last time you flipped through your old business cards and made a new connection? Place all your business cards in a pile, then close your eyes and choose one card. After you’ve made your selection, call the number, introduce yourself and your business. If you recall how you obtained the business card, share this information (networking event, conference or expo). If the timing feels right, you could even set up time for coffee and conversation to make a deeper connection.

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