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Coaching Programs

CALM Leadership Development Coaching

We equip leaders with the best tools and resources to effectively help their employees stay engaged. 

CALM Leadership Development Coaching will inspire the leaders in your organization to: 

  • Improve Team Dynamics 

  • Celebrate Individual Greatness

  • Lead with Excitement

  • Create a Community of Reciprocity within their organization

The work that your organization does is too important to have employees who are disengaged and not putting forth their best effort. Reversing this trend begins with those who lead.

Redesign your leadership style and begin retaining employees by creating an environment that is nurturing, supportive and conducive for personal and professional growth.

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Elite Peace

Twelve-week coaching program designed exclusively for high-functioning women who are ready to quiet the chaos, and build a sustainable self-care standard to live, love and work in peace

Plan & Prioritize Your Inner Peace

Four-week coaching plan for women who want power, influence and freedom to reverse disruptive thoughts and emotions, NOW. 

Peaceful Career Transitions

Four-week coaching plan for the female professional who is transitioning out of Corporate America into Business Ownership. 

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